MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4平台是行业的领先软件,提供最新的功能以及易于使用。

MetaTrader 4 的优势:

  • 控制方便。两次点击打开和关闭交易
  • 立刻执行
  • 没有滑点(在我们的MT4)
  • 强大的技术分析工具
  • 无延迟
  • 挂单的执行保证
  • 多语言支持(包括阿拉伯语,中文等)
  • 通过交易终端直接申请免费的模拟帐户
  • 可打印图表
  • 报价通过DDE实时导出
The Advantages of MT4

More than 30 technical indicators

The application supports more than 30 indicators that you can apply to the charts including Bollinger Bands and one of the most complicated indicator – Ichimokou Kinko Hyo.


There is no need to look into the screen of your phone all the time anymore. Sound alerts will inform you immediately about the important changes in the market situation. Now you are able to catch every single opportunity to open the order and close it just in time.

Trading without boundaries

MT4 Mobile gives you full access to the international market anywhere in the world. You can trade, monitor and analyze the forex market at home, workplace, roadways and even in remote areas.

Financial Market News

Just as in the desktop MT4 here you have an access to the real time streaming economical news for better analysis and well-grounded decisions.

All Types of Orders

Open, close and modify orders. Place pending orders.

How to install and login to MT4

Click the “Download MT4” button and save the installation file on your computer.

Then run this file and you will see the welcoming window of the program, click “Next”, agree with the licensing agreement and click “Next”, select the installation path or leave it without changes. Click “Next” to start installation.


After the installation is complete launch the program. If you wish to open a demo account: fill out the account opening window that appears, press “Next”, choose the demo server and press “Next” again. Then you will see your login details.


If you want to login to your trading account: please close the account opening window that appears. Choose “File” followed by “Login to Trade Account”. You’ll see the window to enter your account number and trader password (that you received during registration). In the “Server” field select “Profiforex-Real” server. If you want the terminal to keep your account information mark the checkbox “Save account information”. Press “Login” button. If you want to login to your demo account:

The steps are similar to logging in to trading account. The only difference is that you should select “Profiforex-Demo” in the “Server” field.